Drupal: Mr. Worldwide



Drupal: Mr. Worldwide

Jessie Allen Anosa

Global competition in the cms industry is widely known, and in fact 1.6% of all websites on the Internet run on Drupal, we won’t wonder if famous and large brands or company to choose this platform, besides being robust and well-known for its security features, Drupal is a leading-edge content management system (CMS) that includes many features.

And being the software free, Drupal is a beast of a CMS. Its framework and backend architecture are solid, well-tested, and completely water tight. Its basically a well-developed open-source software thats very flexible and scalable. Flexible in a way that allows you to create any content you want and scalable which can use any of the multiple contributors and modules already available for the software. And since its open-source you can make your own custom module the way you want and what you want; and to cut the long story short here are some stunning websites that uses Drupal to back up all the talks:


The world’s best electric car manufacturer, Tesla was built using drupal which provides a top-tier platform to showcase Tesla’s amazing automobiles, foster community among customers, and share news and product details that looks pretty neat and easy to use.


Knowing the flexibility and the capacity of drupal cms, NBA choose drupal to solve the million visits from the hooper fans and having a feature from real-time scores to live broadcasting, NBA offers also an online game ticket along a souvenir shop from your favorite team and players.


For space lovers, NASA’s website takes us with there exploration and discoveries by providing a superb amount of information, research, news and other things related to the institution. And together with drupal it speeds up the process which leads to having a better user experience

Rainforest Alliance

With a smart, simple and beautiful layout with a focus on structured data, Rainforest Alliance together with drupal created a site that makes user have an easy navigation and access to all informations which highlights the Rainforest Alliance intentions.

Warner Music Group

Wanting a more flexible platform that can manage massive traffic Warner Music Group choose Drupal and joined 73 percent of the top media companies who are using Drupal including Walt Disney, Time, Fox, and CBS.







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